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Dalla valigia alla tavola: A journey through Molisan culinary heritage is a collection of over 40 recipes as told through the stories and memories of our community members. Over 30 first, second, and third generation Molisan home cooks in Quebec give a taste of traditional family recipes from their ancestral hometowns. By virtue of these recipes, we invite readers to journey through 21 different paesi (towns), learning about the stories and traditions beyond the plate. Discover the feasts that follow each season and the memorable moments that each ingredient marks, while engaging with stories of migration and adaptation, as dishes are passed on, re-measured, and reinterpreted across generations. More than a cookbook, Dalla valigia alla tavola documents how the food we eat is intrinsically linked to our identity as individuals and as a community.

Text in English and Italian.

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An Oral History Cookbook

The Federazione delle associazioni molisane del Québec is pleased to present this bilingual (English and Italian) project to the Molisan community and beyond. Research and writing by Cassandra Marsillo, oral historian. Photographs by Vee Di Gregorio. Recipe consultation and dishes prepared by Joseph D’Alleva, chef at Rita restaurant, and Erica Marsillo, pastry chef at Rita restaurant, all second and third generation Italian-Canadians with roots in Molise. Editing by Barbara Colacci. Translation by Giulia De Gasperi. Graphic design by Griffintown Media. Printed by Accent Impression.


This book has been made possible by the generous support of the Regione Molise, the FAMQ, and its collaborators.

Regione Molise

Project ambassadors:


Michele Cutrone and Famiglia
Nick and Yolanda DiTempora
Giuseppe Panzera and Famiglia
Nicola Tedeschi

Special thanks to the participating Associations:

Associazione Lega Agnonese
Associazione della Famiglia Bojanese
Club Sociale Baranello
Associazione di Campochiaro
Associazione Sant’Anna di Cantalupo
Associazione Casacalendese di Montreal
Associazione di Casalciprano
Associazione Duroniese di Montreal
Associazione Frosolonese
Associazione Gildonese di Montreal
Associazione di Isernia
Associazione Jelsese di Montreal
Club Sociale Larino Frenter
Associazione Montelonghese
Associazione Montoriese di Montreal
Associazione Famiglie Ripabottonesi
Associazione di Fraternità Santa Maria Del Molise

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More Recipes

We received so many recipes that they didn't all fit in the book! Stay tuned, eventually extra content and recipes will be accessible on the website.


Meet the Team

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