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A bilingual (English and Italian) cultural cookbook providing a taste of the traditional recipes from a community's ancestral hometowns in an often overlooked region in Southern Italy.


Journey through these towns and meet the families that left them through the recipes they brought across the ocean. Learn about the stories and traditions beyond the plate: the feasts that follow the seasons, the moments that different ingredients marked, and how dishes have adapted to new contexts and generations into the 21st century.


Since 2020, we have:

  • collected over 80 recipes, 50 of which will be included in this edition

  • recorded audio interviews with 35 community members, which provide rich and valuable context to the recipes

  • taken over 300 photos of the recipes, people, and places this book represents

  • researched 21 different towns, which will be spotlighted through their recipes


Research and writing by Cassandra Marsillo, oral historian. Photographs by Vee Di Gregorio. Recipe consultatation and dishes prepared by Joseph D’Alleva, chef at Rita restaurant, and Erica Marsillo, pastry chef at Rita restaurant, all second and third generation Italian-Canadians with roots in Molise. Editing by Barbara Colacci. Translation by Giulia De Gasperi.

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